Evolution and story

A & L Lda. operates in the furniture industry since 2000, when it started its activity in the northern region of Portugal.

A & L Lda. arose through the union of two entrepreneurs who set up a small manufacturing unit of furniture and, thereafter, began manufacturing them. Purchasing the first equipment that year.

By mid 2006 the company "Almeida & Lourenço" gave an evolutionary step by purchasing more efficient and sophisticated equipment for the market concerned. "Almeida & Lourenço", with over 10 years of existence, is specialized in production and commercialization of kitchen furniture, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, wardrobes and all kinds of carpentry work always tailored to the needs of our customers.

We have a huge portfolio of models created in the design office, we strive to develop the ideas of our customers with quality, design, functionality and excellent service, these are the characteristics that best define us.

Visit our facilities and see for yourself the wide range of products that we provide!


We work with highly skilled staff on the furniture area to get to you with the best service and care that we can provide you.

Vision, Mission, Values


Being a company which day by day seeks to satisfy and retain customers through differentiating concepts and effective solutions.


Continuously improve and innovate in order to exceed the expectations of customers through an early response to their needs, aiming to their complete satisfaction and loyalty.


The company A & L has as its fundamental basis, the following values: